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Guang xi Fengqi Pump & Valve wholesale center, according to resistance Industrial Development Co., Ltd., for specific Guangxi Pump & Valve suppliers to provide a wide range of pumps, valves ex-factory price wholesale supply

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Z41H-16 manual flange wedge cast iron gate valves
Z41H gate valve

Z41H manual flange wedge cast iron gate valve is widely used in petroleum, diaphragmvalve, pharmaceutical, and electric power industries.

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API electric lug&wafer knife-shaped gate valves
API gate valve

Applicable medium :Paper pulp, sewage, coal slurry, ash, slag water mixture

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Pneumatic wafer knife-shaped gate valves
Electric gate valve

Applicable medium:Paper pulp, sewage, coal slurry, ash, slag water mixture

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BS manual weir-type diaphragm valves
BS diaphragm valves

working temperature:≤85℃ applicable medium:J:general corrosive medium

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G41J-6(10)type rubber lined diaphragm valves
G41J-6 diaphragm valve

applicable valve:applicable valve;working temperature:≤120℃

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Y-type manual rubber lined diaphragm valves
Y-type diaphragm valve

applicable medium:general corrosive medium;working temperature:≤85℃

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CV3000-DHSC Explosion-proof electric cage single-seat regulator
DHSC control valve

CV3000-DHSC explosion-proof electric cage single-seat regulator is suitable for braising cavitation occasion that high pressure differential is easy to generate,

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CV3000-DHCB electric cage regulative valves
KHCB electric valves

CV3000-KHCB electric cage regulator is pressure balanced regulator, trims use socket oriented guide valve core, it mainly uses fluid pressure to realize valve core rapid movement,

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CV3000-HCP balance cage signle seat regulative valves
HCP balance valve

CV3000-HCP balance cage single-seat regulator controls kinds of high temperature, low temperature, high pressure fluid, is a balanced regulator. Valve has compact structure,

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